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Surgical Instruments (General)

  1. Laryngoscope Blades

    The Laryngoscope Blades are the medical instruments that are widely used to examine the larynx. Available with a variety of blade attachments and with/without a fiberoptic light source, these bladesare widely used as the primary tool for examination of the interior of thelarynx and for placement of an endotracheal tube.The sides of the flange are reduced to minimize trauma and the curve at the beak or tip is extended toimprove lifting of the epiglottis.
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  2. Weitlaner Wullstein

    The WeitlanerWullstein retractors help the surgeons in holding back any tissue that obscures the area on which they are operating. These retractors facilitate easy operations without damaging any of the nearby tissue. It is available for clients in many designs, sizes and shapes to meet their diverse needs. Made of clinically approved stainless steel grade, these medical instruments are offered to clients at competitive prices.
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  3. Tongue Depressors (Wieder)

    Tongue Depressors (Wieder) is widely used to press down the tongue for a clear view during examination of the mouth and throat. Available in varied sizes, these instruments have a serrated, fenstrated blade and a curved solid handle. Re- usable and sterilisable, these depressors are latex- free in designs. We sternly test these medical instruments on various standard quality parameters prior to final dispatch in market.
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  4. Tongue Holding Forceps (Young)

    Tongue Holding Forceps (Young) are the hand-held, hinged devices employed for holding as well as grasping of objects. These become the necessities, when fingers are too large to hold small objects or when several objects need to be held at one time while the hands are utilized to perform a task.
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  5. Bone Cutting Instruments

    Bone Cutting Instruments are the surgical instruments utilized to cut or remove bones. These are included with varieties of sabre saws as well as hacksaw. Specifically used in specialized jigs, these offer accurate as well as measurable cuts.
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  6. Operating Scissors

    Operating Scissors are used to cut hard tissue and are frequently utilized for dissecting. These are more often utilized for cutting materials such as tubing, gauze or sutures. The surgical instruments are also known as forceps.
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  7. Gum Scissors (Westcott)

    Gum Scissors (Westcott) are the dental tools which dentists use to cut joints as well as similar materials. These are also employed by dentists to cut gauze which are utilized to stop hemorrhage from an extraction spot.
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  8. Surgical Instrument Containers

    Surgical Instrument Containers are utilized by healthcare facilities to sterilize as well as package the equipment, surgical instruments and medical devices. These size-specific containers are used by many surgeons.
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