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Spinal Implant and Instruments

  1. Mono Axial Screw

    Provided Mono Axial Screws have been peculiarly designed for the reduction of spondylolisthesis. The screws are functional as the highly useful supplement corrections in many trauma or deformity cases, such as kyphosis.
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  2. Poly Axial Screw

    The Poly Axial Screws screws are utilized for the connection between rods & vertebrae in the spinal surgery. These screws whose spherical heads are enclosed on the housing, which allows the screw a range of motion along several different axes relative to the housing.
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  3. Transeverse Connnector

    Transeverse Connnectors are utilized to increase segmental posterior instrumentation. These are offered for determining if the addition of these products (TCs) to a rod-screw concept leads to augmented stabilization of the cervical spine.
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  4. Reduction Screw

    We are providing Reduction Screws, which suffice as the powerful mechanical devices capable to change rotation into linear motion. Utilized for fracture fixation, these provides strength and enable functionality of different tools.
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  5. Cage

    Cages are the new devices, fundamentally occupied with bone graft and assist in the spinal heal together firmly. These are proffered with a nanotechnology surface, which enable an anti-inflammatory response as well as the formation of bone.
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